A catalog of Eric’s choral works, arranged by theme and voicing, can be found below along with performance videos. 

 To view perusal scores, please click here. To order scores, please email Eric (eric.m.tuan@gmail.com) with your ensemble name, performance dates, and number of copies.

Telling Stories, Making Change: Songs of Social Justice

 A Great Cloud of Witnesses (SSAA, 25’00”)celebrating the voices of prophetic women throughout history. Four movements. Click below to hear the premiere performance by Musae: 

I. Processional / The Thunder: Perfect Mind

II. At Last Free

III. A Thousand Names

IV. Ain’t I a woman?

 Abuelita Says Goodbye, from Crossings (SATB, 5’00”)a poignant setting of Javier Zamora’s poem narrating the beginning of his journey to the United States. 

Hear the performance by Choral Audacity here.

 Crossings (SSAA, 20’00”)telling immigration stories from the ancient world to the present day. Four movements. 

Hear a live performance here by Vox Aurea and Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir.

 Darkness and Slight Light (SATB, 7’00”)a collaboration with poet Caitlin Hernandez about her experiences moving in the world as a blind person. Three movements. 

Hear a performance by members of Volti’s Choral Institute for High School Singers here.

 Dawn, Unhindered (TTBB, 5’00”) this testament to the strength of the human spirit weaves together haiku from the Japanese internment camps with reflections on the theme of light by Rabindranath Tagore and the Christian “O Antiphons”. 

Hear a performance by the Fog City Singers here.

 Displacement (SSAA, 20’00”)telling stories of displacement from the Japanese internment camps to San Francisco’s housing crisis. Hear excerpts from Peninsula Women’s Chorus’s recording here:

 II. Overheard in Silicon Valley

V. San Francisco

 From the Window of Despair (SSAA, 5’00”)honoring stories of resilience from the Japanese internment camps. 

Hear the world premiere by Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley at the ACDA National Convention here.

 Gritos (SSA, 4’30”)collaboration with librettist Alejandra Martinez, a haunting lullaby reflecting on the cruelty of US policy at the US/Mexico border.

 Nagasaki (SSA, 7’00”) telling the story of an atomic bomb survivor from Nagasaki, a plea for peace. 

Hear a performance by Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir here.

 The City of Friends (SATB, 5’00”)written for the wedding of E.E. “Chip” Grant IV and John Patrick Fogarty Moore, celebrating San Francisco’s long legacy of leading the way on LGBTQ+ issues. 

Hear a performance by the composer’s chamber choir Convivium here.


The Divine Mystery

 Arise, my love, my fair one (SATB + piano/handbells, 3’30”)an overflowing, joyful setting of the Song of Solomon text. Accessible for the average church or high school choir. 

View a performance by the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir here.

 Ave generosa (SSA double chorus, 5’00”) an ecstatic, highly rhythmic setting of Hildegard of Bingen’s rapturous poem celebrating Mary.

Hear a performance by Musae here.

 Ave, dulcissima Maria (SATB - 4’00”) a contemplative setting of this Marian antiphon with lush harmony and minimal divisi.

Click here to hear a performance by Convivium.

 Dance My Heart (SSATB, 4’00”)a celebration of encountering the holy through music and a life well-lived, with text by the South Asian mystic Kabir. 

 I Sat Down Under His Shadow (SSA double chorus, 5’00”)a contemplative, mystical setting of the love poetry of the Song of Solomon.

Hear a performance by the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir here.

 Nunc Dimittis (SSAA, 2’30”) a brief, shimmering setting of this canticle for the bedtime monastic office of Compline.

Hear a performance by Finnish youth choir Vox Aurea here.

 Song Offering (SATB double chorus, 5’00”)a celebration of the joy of singing as an encounter with the holy. Text by Tagore. 


Love and Heartbreak

 Love Never Fails (SATB + organ + trumpet + harp, 5’00”)a majestic wedding anthem on the famous text from 1 Corinthians. Straightforward writing for all and easy to prepare.

 Nocturne (SSAA, 5’00”) a heartbreaking meditation on lost love through the words of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. 

Click here to hear a performance by Elektra Women’s Choir.

 Unending Love (SATB divisi, 5’00”)this mesmerizing setting of Tagore’s famous love poem is a favorite for college and advanced community choirs. 

Click here to hear the Stanford Chamber Chorale’s performance.


Earthsongs: Music of Sky, Land, and Sea

 Gilded Land (SATB + piano, 5’00”)a celebration of the California landscape with words by Sophie Smith, written for Schola Cantorum’s 2019-2020 Poetry Contest.

 In the Desert (SSAA, 5’00”) a meditation on the spiritual power of the desert landscape, with words by the medieval German mystic Mechthild of Magdeburg.

Enjoy a performance by the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir here.

 In the Rain Shadow (SATB divisi, 10’00”)a reflection on the solitude and beauty of California’s Great Basin and Mojave Deserts, with words by pioneering feminist and environmental author Mary Hunter Austin. 

 The Lake Isle of Innisfree (SATB, 5’00”) a mesmerizing setting of Yeats’s famous poem for the Stanford Chamber Chorale. 

Hear a performance by the Stanford Chamber Chorale here.

 Song Gatherings (SSA, 5’00”) meditations on our human connection with the earth with poetry by the Bengali writer and polymath Rabindranath Tagore.

Hear a performance by the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir here.

 Tree (SATB + piano, 5’00”) this celebration of the beauty and mystery of California’s redwoods, with poetry by Jane Hirshfield, is a singer and audience favorite. 

Hear a performance by the chamber choir Convivium and pianist Ihang Lin here.